Our Content Will Not Hurt Your SEO or Rankings

June 24, 2018

We're often asked if the content we have will have a negative effect on SEO and/or search engine rankings, and it's a great question. And the answer is no, using our content will not hurt your rankings. In fact, it's better to have some content for a topic vs. having no content at all.  Remember, if you want to rank for dental implants, you can't compete unless you have an actual dental implants page.  Ideally you will use our content as a stepping stone to build your own content, and customize it meet the specific needs of your office.  But if you elected to use the content as is, that's ok, too.

Our Content is SEO-Ready

Back to the question of rankings and our content, Matt Cutts of Google made it clear in the video below that having duplicate content will not result in a Google penalty, as long as the content isn't spammy or stuffed with keywords. So you're safe with our content. Here's the entire video for those who are interested:

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