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"I love your idea, an online store for website dental content. I'm a big fan of, but unfortunately, it doesn't have everything. As a personal goal for our dental website, we are striving to have the number one dental blog in the world, and I can appreciate the idea that content is king. I look forward to purchasing content for our dental website."

-Dr. Norman Medina

"Looking for ideas for new content that you need for your website? Then do I have just the place for you!

LOL Sorry, I know it sounds corny, but I couldn't think of a serious way to start the post. Just as, I don't have anything to sell, no, I don't get a commission or discount or anything.

Anyway, I'm in the process of working with David A. Wank and his team at to redesign my website, as well as update a lot of the content, before we embark of a full-scale SEO campaign later this year.

I have pretty much written everything on my website since early 2008, and I really do enjoy writing. As we've gotten progressively busier in the last few years though, I haven't had the energy to write much, whether updating old material or adding new. It seemed that "other marketing company" with which I worked for a bit might help, but that flamed out.

So thankfully for me , David has now launched a new site for dentists who need new material for their website: It's still fairly new, and he's adding new content, but he already has a lot of the most common stuff available that we dentists need. It's quite inexpensive (I mean, seriously - have you talked with other companies about having them custom-write new stuff for you? It's expensive as hell!), basically ready for copy/pasta into your website, and you can either use it as-is, or you can tweak and customize it to fit your own style. That's what I do, because I want it to sound like everything else I've written on the site, so I rearrange, add, subtract, etc.

He even suggests images to use, which you can pick up for free or very inexpensively from stock image sites, or which you can take yourself (my recommendation).

So far, I've just used his material for bone grafts, but several of my other pages are pretty outdated and in need of major rewrites, so I'll be doing more soon. It's so much easier when I don't have to come up with it all myself.

There you have it. Again, I get nothing from David for writing this, and I'm doing it because I like it, it's affordable and easy, and after working with him for 5 years, I think he's a good guy and does terrific work."

-Dr. Charles "Chip" Payet

Charlotte Dentist

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