Why You Need An Accessibility Statement for your Dental Website

June 17, 2018

Along with HIPAA Compliance, Accessibility Compliance is another factor you must consider when building or updating your dental or medical website.

It's Impossible to be Fully "Accessibility Compliant"

While the Federal Government has set specific accessibility standards for Federal websites (and some states have followed suit) there are no specific standards or requirements set for websites for a private company. That being said, recent court cases have suggested that dental and other service websites should aim to meet Level A or AA of compliance.  Becoming compliant can be complex, and for many small businesses, the time and expense of doing so can be prohibitive. As such, I recommend that every dental (or other service website) should have an accessibility statement that at a minimum recognizes that accessibility is a priority, and that you are making an effort to make your website as easy as possible for all of your visitors to use.

You can draft your own statement, or for $19.95 you can purchase our generic website accessibility statement today.

For more information about accessibility, view Dr. Wank's accessibility webinar below, or read his accessibility blog posts on Short Hills Design.


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